#InActualFact Twitter Storm At 7pm Tonight!

'as part of the week of action that disabled people against cuts are doing called reclaiming our futures, today is direct action day. Around 3 pm you will find out where we are and what we are doing, we are determined and pics will be taken, 3 pm messages will go up on dpac fb group and around twtter and other groups to let you know what is going on.'

To compliment and reinforce this media action at 3pm, at 7pm it will be followed by a twitter storm/Facebook sharing frenzy of facts from http://inactualfact.org.uk/ so please familiarise yourself with http://inactualfact.org.uk/ and be ready at 7pm to use the built in sharing buttons on the site to share the sourced actual facts and encourage people to submit their own

Please intersperse those tweets with direct link tweets about wowpetition including links to


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