We Need to Get Cross Party Support - but its a steep learning curve!!!

Rather than bask in the glow of getting 100,000 signatures the workload seems to have trebled!!

All WOW hands are on deck at the moment trying to find ways to encourage cross-party support for a debate of the WOWpetition in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons. The reason this is important is that a debate in the Main Chamber has more status than the alternative of a debate at Westminster Hall and importantly if there is to be a vote on the WOWpetition that can only happen if the debate is in the Main Chamber.

We are trying to use the Change website to encourage people to approach their MP's directly and this is the message put out to the people that have signed the Change Petition so far:

House of Commons Back Bench Business Committee: Allocate a Full Main Chamber Debate to the WOWpetition (e-petition 43154)' on Change.org

Firstly, Thank You for signing this petition and calling for the WOWpetition to be granted a full debate in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons. As I am sure you have also publicised this petition and asked friends and family to sign it as well, I would also like to Thank You for that! I hope that you have also already signed the 


but if you haven't please do so now, or at any time right up to it closing on the 12th December 2013. 

Having already done this for us, I would now be grateful if you would consider contacting your own MP directly and asking them to support John McDonnell MP/ Ian Mearns MP/ Ian Lavery MP/ Caroline Lucas MP and many more in their efforts to secure a full debate in the Main Chamber at the House of Commons of the very important issues highlighted by the WOWpetition.com, which WOW, and many others, believe deserve to be properly debated and voted upon. You can do this quickly and easily either: by e-mail using 


which allows you to send them a personal message by e-mail; 

or a more personal approach facilitated by 


where you can often find information of your MP's office addresses, phone numbers and Constituency Surgeries (via their websites) enabling you to: ring their office and talk to the MP's staff about this; arrange to attend a constituency surgery (if time permits) to present your request in person; or write down the address so that you can send a letter to your MP. Whilst it is very desirable and some "SPAM" filters have even made it compulsory to write using your own words, WOWpetition have produced a Template which you could use to base your own personal letters upon (but please personalise it as much as you are able to): 


However, due to the British Postal System it is imperative that any letter is in the post by first thing tomorrow (Friday 6th December 2013). There is also very helpful information on this website on how you can contact your MP and make your voice heard. 


Remember, you are not necessarily asking your MP to support the WOWpetition but instead requesting that they support a full main chamber debate of the important issues raised by the WOWpetition, as WOWpetition deserves that!

Thank you again, 

Onwards and Upwards, 

The WOWpetition

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