Example Letter To MP For Main Chamber WOW Debate

Please write a paper letter and send to your MP, only email if you already have a good relationship with them and they habitually read and reply to your emails.

Best of all use this and the briefing note of the previous post and visit your MP in person and ask that they support a DEBATE in the MAIN CHAMBER.

They do not have to agree with WOW, what you are asking them is to agree to a democratic debate, on the record, of mortally serious issues of government policy that directly affect YOU, which is a basic democratic right.

Please do so as soon as you are able, this is TIME CRITICAL.

Dear …..

I am writing as a constituent to ask you to represent my views in Parliament.

I signed and supported a government e-petition, the WOW petition, which recently passed the 100,000 signature mark, meaning that it can be considered for a debate in Parliament. I would like you in the interests of democracy to do whatever you can to make this debate happen in the Main Chamber, and allow the voices of sick and disabled people and carers to be heard.

The petition calls for a cumulative impact assessment of welfare reform as it affects sick and disabled people and carers, and an end to the Work Capability Assessment, as demanded by the British Medical Association.

I know you are very busy, but please allow me to present some evidence to support the need for these measures.

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 was promoted as the biggest shake up in welfare for 60 years, so it was extraordinary that no assessment was carried out on how it would affect the most vulnerable people in society. I believe the government now needs to take stock, and face the fact that sick and disabled people have been caused great distress and hardship by measure such as the bedroom tax, the twenty per cent cut in the budget for Disability Living Allowance, the closure of the Independent Living Fund to new applicants, and many more measures. The think tank Demos has calculated that disabled people, already more likely to be living in poverty, will lose around £28 billion over five years. This hardly seems to be sharing the burden of austerity fairly.

As for the Work Capability Assessments, these have been a disaster. The British Medical Association last year called for them to be scrapped with immediate effect. Parkinson’s UK’s research found that almost half of people with a progressive illness, when assessed, are told they will get better and placed in the Work Related Activity Group. This means they are required to prepare for work, and if they are unable to do what is required of them can be sanctioned leaving them with no income. Please remember these are people with Parkinsons Disease and other progressive illnesses.

I believe that the least Parliament can do is to debate these issues in the Main Chamber, and would be very grateful if you, as my MP would ensure that this debate takes place. Please notify John McDonnell MP's office of your support as soon as possible so he may inform the Backbench Business Committee that the debate has wide cross party support.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

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