Thursday 6th June WOW Petition Mass Tweet

We are hoping to get the hashtag #wowpetition trending on twitter by tweeting it on Thursday 6th June, at specific times - 10am, 1pm and 9pm - including our own short messages about welfare reform, benefit cuts, what WOWpetition is (Resist the War On Welfare), the 3 phases of action and how to help.

The overall aim of the tweetathon will be to raise both awareness of what we're doing, as well as signatures for the petition. Ultimately this is to save lives.

The best way to achieve these goals will be getting the #WOWpetition hashtag to trend nationwide - preferably more than once! To do this, we're going to need as much help as possible - from as many people as possible. we'd be so grateful for any help you could offer over the next few days with advertising the event, as well as (especially!) taking part on Thursday itself.

Pragmatically, all this needs to involve right now is for all of us to start promoting the tweetathon on our twitter timelines, as well as getting in touch with any of our friends (via twitter/email/facebook) we think would be interested in supporting the event. You don't need to worry about getting in touch with popular allies/tweeps/charities etc. as we'll be doing that over the next couple of days.

If you're a bit stuck for how to phrase your tweet, do feel free to use a pre-prepared example:

Coming this Thursday - group tweeting in support of #WOWpetition at 10am, 1pm & 9pm. Help fight back against #welfarereform - all welcome! 

6th June Thursday - Mass Tweet in support of #WOWpetition at 10am, 1pm & 9pm. Resist the War On Welfare, Stop ATOs/DWP Human Rights Abuses

One optional thing you could also do at this stage is start to think about the kind of tweets you may want to send on Thursday. In case anyone wants to cite facts and figures we'll be sending a list of resources (charity reports, blogs etc.) you can use to find some. However, this isn't essential at all - in fact people tweeting their own thoughts on, or experiences of, welfare reform under the #WOWpetition tag will likely be more powerful to those reading than than if we were all just to reel out statistics!

The volume of tweets is the most important thing, so send as many as you can - advertising #wowpetition talking about Resisting the War On Warfare and linking to wowpetition.com Taking part in one or more of the time slots (10am, 1pm & 9pm), copying in friends and family and lobbying celebrities to retweet in order to show support. Every little helps!

Remember, in every tweet don't forget to include #wowpetition and at least one of:

 - WOW Petition itself: http://wowpetition.com

 - Any other relevant or nationwide trending hashtag if it's one of our 'mass tweeting' times.

 - Finally, please remember that retweets DO NOT COUNT towards #hashtag trends! So if you want to RT anything, it would be so helpful if you could copy the text into a new tweet and add 'RT' to the front. Thank you so much for your support.

 ------- P.S. Any comments, ideas etc. can be sent to epipsychidion86@gmail.com, or tweeted to @Epipsychidion86 on twitter.

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