WOW Petition Campaign's Statement on George Rolph's Hunger Strike

The WOW Campaign team has been contacted by Mr George Rolph who has indicated his intention to go on hunger and water strike in protest at the treatment of ill and disabled people by Atos Healthcare and the Department for Work and Pensions through the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

The WOW Petition Campaign are utterly dismayed that a person would feel that this is their only option to protest.  Whilst we support Mr. Rolph, and anyone else's, right to choose and their own autonomy, we truly hope that Mr. Rolph can find another way.

If anyone finds themselves in a similar position or are finding things difficult to deal with in any way then WOW Petition would advise them to contact their local GP or speak to national organisations including The Samaritans who can be contacted on 08457 90 90 90 or can be emailed at jo@samaritans.org

Additional note: WOW Campaign members have raised Mr Rolph's situation with MP's and with Mr Chris Holmes, Disability Commissioner at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


  1. I hope this will do as he hopes, and raise awareness of how badly people are suffering. but done in time to save him. Though with this uncaring government , I see them thinking 'great 1 less'.
    blessings & respect Mr Rolph blessings & respect.

  2. Maximum respect George Rolph, I totally get what you are doing +wish you all the best luck in the world in making these pigs listen.
    I feel that your gameplan needs to be maximum publicity in the shortest amount of time, both for your safety+ for the good of the message.

    My heart goes out to you+ all those you are trying your very best to help.
    I sincerely hope you get everything you need.

  3. Good luck George something has to make the scum we call government listen.

  4. It seems his facebook page has been shut down by the powers that be. More censoring by The Man

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  6. George Rolph is on Day 27 of his Hunger Strike - frist his facebook got closed, then his helpers had their wings clipped. Please keep sharing the word. He has a website. Google George Rolph yola site and it should come up. There is a forum link at the top of the page if anyone can help support George in any way. Thanks for reading.

  7. http://georgerolph.yolasite.com