WOW Campaign say: Colin Brewer must Resign or be Fired

A Cornish councillor who said “disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down” is refusing to resign. Colin Brewer, the Independent for Wadebridge East in North Cornwall, made the comments to members of Hayle charity Disability Cornwall. The ardent disability campaigners and the angry former salesman clashed as he left a ‘difficult debate’ and walked into an equalities fayre at Town Hall in October 2011.
As a disablist statements goes this one rather takes one's breath away doesn't it? "Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down." A horrifying statement by anyone's standards, but what makes it even more horrifying is the man who said it. This was not an ignorant comment by someone who didn't know any better. It was made by Colin Brewer, elected councillor for Cornwall Council. What makes it even worse is that he said it to Disability Cornwall, at an equalities event, that was intended to inform councillors of the issues faced by marginalised groups. Equally shocking is that the only sanction he has faced is to be asked to apologise for what he said.

Well that's not good enough. Elected councillors are there to carry out the work of the council, which includes a duty of care to people with disabilities. That a councillor would think this, let alone say it to a Disability organisation, is an absolute disgrace. Councillor Brewer should resign immediately. He is unfit for public office.

Contact the council to complain HERE

Disability Cornwall's web page, people might want to send them solidarity messages.

To fight this wave of hatred sign & support WOW petition Sign Here.

Update Thurs 28th: Colin Brewer resigned.

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