20,000 People Have Signed The WOW Petition

*** 20,000 ***

The WOW Petition has over 20,000 signatures!

A huge thank you for signing and sharing this urgent and important petition. The good news is that we are on target to reach our goal of 100,000 signatures

 During a television interview for ITN, Margaret Hodge MP, chair of the Public Accounts Committee revealed that the Department for Work and Pensions have figures of the deaths of 1300 people who are known to have died after being found "fit to work". MPs have acknowledged that the department is causing "misery and hardship" to benefit claimants. Government ministers are trying to defend a broken system. They must accept and take responsibility for allowing harm to be inflicted on sick and disabled people by the work capability assessment which is not fit for purpose, and the suffering caused by the cuts to benefits and care services that target people when they are most vulnerable. 

Support is growing from charities, organisations and individuals. It is essential that you please continue to tell as many people about this petition as you can and ask them to sign. Together we can make a difference!


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