In Actual Fact Counter Propaganda This Week

Two events coming up - we need you!

Event 1: [Join the Facebook Event Page] Tuesday 5 November is the People’s Assembly national day of action against austerity, tweeting on #burnausterity. Alongside the many events of the day, we want to raise awareness of In Actual Fact and enourage people to use it to back their anti-austerity campaigns.

We’d love you to tweet on and off throughout that day from the In Actual Fact site, adding the #burnausterity hashtag at the end of tweets (you might have to modify some tweets to squeeze it into the character limit).

Please also send out more general tweets, including the #burnausterity hashtag and directing people to In Actual Fact: the counter-propaganda site, giving actual facts about benefits and public services cuts.

Event 2: 
[Join the Facebook Event PageWednesday 6 November 9.00pm, BBC will broadcast ‘Britain on the Fiddle’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03hhvsr) (the first in a series of three). This is a chance to show In Actual Fact working to counter propaganda. We need you to join us, mass-tweeting on the #britainonthefiddle hashtag (you might have to modify some tweets to squeeze it into the character limit).

We’ll be tweeting throughout the hour of the programme and for the hour after, answering every single lie with relevant tweets from the IAF site. We’re also planning to use tweets to respond directly to misinformation and bile put out by other people on the #britainonthefiddle thread.

And of course direct people to sign WOWpetition.com!

Mass Tweet Tips:

1. Go to http://inactualfact.org.uk/facts/

2. Have a look around and find a fact you want to share.

3. Click on the share twitter symbol.

4. Review & click 'Tweet'

5. Repeat!

6. If you want to, submit your own facts together with their source by clicking Submit Fact on the bottom bar or going to http://inactualfact.org.uk/submit-fact/

NB.  Retweets DO NOT COUNT towards #hashtag trends! So if you want to RT anything, it would be so helpful if you could copy the text into a new tweet and add 'RT' to the front. Thank you so much for your support.

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  1. Here are some previously unknown facts...

    From Sheila Gilmore MP:

    Up to now we thought that the [WCA] assessment was getting about one in ten fit for work decisions wrong – far too many in most people’s eyes – but now we know the Government have been fiddling the figures, the reality could be much much worse.

    ... Ministers led us to believe they were publishing figures that showed the number of people awarded benefit immediately after assessment and before ANY appeals. It now turns out that informal appeals to officials – as opposed to formal ones to judges – were being taken into account.

    This has clearly masked the true extent of the failings in the ESA assessment process.

    This revelation follows the omission of the number of successful appeals from October’s round of figures.

    Taken together, these events suggests that rather than trying to fix the test to reduce the number of incorrect decisions, Ministers’ priority is to fix the figures to downplay the extent of the problem.

    More here: